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Watero Reverse Osmosis Technology: R̶M̶1̶9̶8̶0̶ RM1380*
Watero Ultra Filtration Technology: R̶M̶1̶7̶8̶0̶ RM1280

*for pink color selection

Watero uses a 5 stage Filtration Process – every drop of water passes through 5 different layers of filtration to give you the cleanest water for your health.

1. Polypropylene Filter
Filters impurities and sediments larger than 5µm such as sand, rust, and other large particles

2. Pre-activated Carbon Filter
Effectively absorbs chlorine, odour and foul smell, bacteria and heavy metals

3. Ultra Filtration Filter
Removes harmful substances, heavy metals ions, bacteria, viruses and others.

4. Post-activated Carbon Filter
Adjusts the taste of water, absorbs odour and foul smell, removes colour and foul taste

5. UV (Ultraviolet) Disinfection
Removes 99.99% of harmful waterborne microorganisms, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Watero is the best water filter solution for families in small homes or small offices in Malaysia.

5 water temperature settings to make your favourite drinks
– 25°C – best for room temperature dinking water
– 45°C – best for your baby’s formula milk
– 60°C – best for your nutrient-filled honey drink
– 85°C – best for bringing the maximum aroma for your cup of tea
– 100°C – best for your daily dose of coffee
Zero installation, just plug it in and switch it on to enjoy quality water filtration system
Night time baby feeding made easy with the right amount of water at the right temperature for formula milk in one button press
Compact design and ultra-portable, easy to move around offices and meeting rooms
No need to stress yourself out with filter changing and maintenance schedule with a built-in filter lifespan reminder
2 colours – Green, Black
Small machine, big functions – smart, easy, simple


Watero water filter uses 4 layers of cartridge filtration system and 1 layer of UV Disinfection.

While the UV disinfection system requires no maintenance, the filter cartridges require only simple replacements at intervals of 9 months (for cartridges 1 & 2) and 18 months (for cartridges 3 & 4).

Compared to other water filters and dispensers in the industry, Watero is easy to clean and maintain.

24 Months Warranty for Manufacturer’s Defect
365 Days 1 to 1 Exchange