Coding for Kids

If we want to set our children up for academic success, every child should learn to code. Coding for kids not only helps improve their mathematics and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills in life and eventually in the workforce.  There are various reasons why coding is important to learn and why coding.

1. Coding is an exercise in logic and rational thinking

Creating program is about solving problems. Kids learns to dissect a large problem into manageable chunks and solve them piece by piece. This process is called decomposition. Even if children never become a professional computer programmer or software engineer, they will benefit from learning to think this way.

2. Helps better understand the digital world and how it works

As our daily life is highly dependent on technology, the important of understanding it cannot be understated. No matter what profession you are in, you will be solving problems using technology. Whether in finance, logistics, engineering, business analysis, architecture or design, coding is an useful skill.

3. Coding develops and fosters creativity

Coding is a powerful tool as kids can express themselves by creating projects. By learning to code students learn to maximize their creativity and learn how to come up with their own ideas in order to solve their problem. This is an essential skill that stretches far beyond a computer.

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