Isetan Branded Household New Year & CNY Sales

Isetan Malaysia is having their Branded Household 2020 New Year & CNY Sales. Enjoy Great deals Amazing discounts and many more.

5 days Special (1st Jan – 5th Jan 2020)- additional 10% off for IMC

1) TIGER (Japan)
2) HARIO (Japan)
3) HAPPYCALL (Korea)
4) KAI (Japan)
5) KYOCERA (Japan)
6) FISSLER (Germany)
7) LUMINARC (France)
8) BESTCO (Korea)
10) ASD

Date: 1st Jan 2020 to 30th Jan 2020

Available at:

Isetan KLCC Japan Select, 2nd Floor
Isetan LOT 10 Home Select, 3rd Floor
Isetan GARDENS, 2nd Floor
Isetan 1 UTAMA, 1st Floor