About ShoppingNSales & ShopSavee

ShopSavee Marketing operates 1) ShoppingNSales and 2) ShopSavee.

Together our goal is to be one-stop retail management & marketing platform for retailers. We aim to become the backbone that support retailers to create brand awareness, digitize retail operations & create mobile presence with mobile app on Android, iOS and Web app.


ShoppingNSales (Website, Facebook, Insta, Twitter) is one of the earliest retail marketing platform in Malaysia, we are proud to become the information portal for

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We cover huge variety of content including warehouse sale, online promotions, retail brick & mortar, food deals and lifestyle tips & tricks.

High Engaging Audiance

Our followers are not just a number. They are people who actively looking for information to help them get better deals.

Case study: One of our post on Facebook organically reach 1.1 Million Malaysians in 48 hours. With the right catalyst, we go big.

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ShopSavee is a retail management platform. We provide FREE tools for retailer to digitize information such as products, promotion, vouchers to reach consumers. Customers can see a retailers product menu, promotions, outlet info with just a scan of QR code, no app download required! Best of all we offer a FOREVER FREE plan. Check out our website for more info

Try our demo, scan the QR with any QR scanner! You can also use your WeChat!

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Our official early retail adopter

We talk to retailers and improved our platform learning from what retailers actually need. Building something truly able to improve their business.

Web Management Tools

Simple management tools can be used by retailers with no setup and no technical knowledge. Management of information that reach consumers instantly.

Mobile App + Web App

Reach out to users in all possible channel. We have native mobile app for better experience and web app (no installation) for consumers to reach retailer with minimum friction.

Find out more about ShopSavee here