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ShoppingNSales is one of the earliest retail promotions channel in Malaysia. Over the years we are proud to provide money saving information to

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Our followers are not just a number. They are people who actively looking for information to help them get better deals.

Case study: One of our post on Facebook organically reach 1.1 Million Malaysians in 48 hours. With the right catalyst, we go big.

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Just drop your advertisement details to shoppingnsales@gmail.com with following

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We will follow up with you on the posting 😀

Facebook Paid Advertising

We help clients to reach out more audience via Facebook Paid Advertisement. With our experience and understanding of target audience, we help clients manage and achieve RM0.02 – RM0.05 cost of engagement with our advertisement. Contact us for quotation.

Guest article posting

We welcome guest author to post on our blog. Please submit your article to shoppingnsales@gmail.com

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