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Ecowell Hair Shampoo (200 mL)

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100% organic hair care product

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Product Details:

100% organic hair care product that,

  • Bring Back Suppleness, Shine, Volume and Vitality To Hair
  • Delicate cleansing and nourishment hair
  • protecting and retaining
  • Purifying and refreshing
  • Softer hair and reduced breakage
  • Deeply cleanses
  • Certified Organic Plant-Based Ingredients.
  • Dermatologically Tested.
  • ICEA-Certified.
  • No Harmful Synthetic Chemicals.
  • No Allergen Scents.
  • No Silicone.
  • No Parabens.
  • No SLS And SLES.
  • No Colouring Agents.
  • No Liquid Paraffin.
  • No Animal-Testing.
  • No Petroleum-Based Chemicals.
  • *Halal Certified


*‚ÄčCertification by Turkish Certification Body.

Natural, organic ingredients are easily absorbed and deeply nourish skin. There is no better way to look after your skin than with organics as natural-based ingredients have the highest efficacy and are simply the safest, most effective way to look after your skin.

Ecowell Hair Shampoo


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